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Project Description

This is a DirectX 9 Graphics Client/Engine for free Orbiter SpaceFlight Simulator. It provides basically the same features as the Orbiter built-in engine, but using DirectX 9 interface instead. That will improve performance and framerate especially on Windows 7 and 8 Systems[1].

Orbiter Homepage

D3D9Client support thread is located in Orbiter Forum. You may find some answers to your questions from there by searching the thread.

Additional Goodies

Version Naming

  • Versions starting with an 'R' followed by a number (e.g. 'R14') are for Orbiter 2010-P1 (v100830).
    The ZIP file will have a name like ''
  • Versions starting with 'Beta' followed by a number (e.g. 'Beta 8') are for Orbiter Beta (currently v140602).
    Additionally the Version string is followed by the revision of Orbiter Beta (e.g. 'Beta 8 for Orbiter 2014 (Rev 8)'[2]).
    Only the most current of Orbiter BETA will be supported; older BETAs might therefore not work!
    The ZIP file will have a name like ''

Both types (including older, newer and the current version) of D3D9Client can be downloaded via the 'DOWNLOADS' tab above.


[1] D3D9Client improves framerates on XP Systems as well!
[2] Revision 8 of the Subversion repository 'svn://' .
     Which corresponds to v140602.

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